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Boost Your Daily Energy And Sustainably Lose Weight or Build Strength With Less Effort

Want To Feel Fitter, More Focused & More Energised? Balance Your Eating, Energy & Lifestyle For Weight Loss, Strength Building Or Focus With Our Revolutionary Nutrition System & Recharge Club. Transform Your Health, Body Shape & Relationship With Food So You Can Start To Look & Feel Younger & More Vibrant In Just 30 Days Without Restricting.

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Become a member and take advantage of the Nutrition system for flexible eating without confusion or ever having to calorie count or restricting.

Are you looking to lose weight, build strength, or just feel fit and healthy so you can stay energised all day and still have energy left for your kids?

Nutrition is said to be 80% of the results with health and fitness. Recharge Nutrition Club combines our revolutionary Nutrition system with accountability, support, and guidance, as well as check-ins challenges and prizes for variety, motivation, and results.

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Book A Lifestyle Review & Get A 12 Week Plan To Lose Weight, Build Strength, Or Get Fit & Energised With A Fitness, Lifestyle & Eating Plan With Prizes & Accountability. Fast Track Your Weight Loss, Body Shaping, Energy & Fitness In 10-15 Minutes A Day Without Restricting.

Check Out The Summer Body Challenge!

Flexible Meal Plans, Challenges & Prizes With Recharge Club

Lose Up To 20lbs In 4 Weeks Or Build Muscle With Our QuickStart Nutrition  Challenge While Eating The Foods You Love. You'll Get Quick Results With Our Powerful Nutrition System, Group Accountability, Challenges & Prizes To Keep You Motivated.

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20 Minute Health & Fitness Private Online Clinic

Transform Your Health & Fitness With A Private Online Clinic, Smash Through Plateau's & Get A Success Plan Tailored To Your Needs So You Can Reach Your Ideal Health, Strength, Fitness, Energy & Body Shape With Less Effort & More Enjoyment.

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Your Coach: Joey Romeu BSc

Lifestyle Nutrition Coach

I help you to transform your body health and vitality, and to create sustainable habits to stay in shape for life, even when you have no time for the gym. I want you to feel more energised, vibrant and resilient, and stress free, so you can feel unstoppable.


My goal is to teach you everything you need to create a fit and healthy body for life – from eating a balanced and healthy diet, to the best and most effective workouts suiting you and your needs. I’m not interested in harmful ‘quick fix’ diets that starve you and are restrictive to lose weight, because they aren't enjoyable, sustainable and they just don’t work as a healthy, long-term plan.

Become Our Next Success Story & Get To Your Best Ever Shape, In A Way That Suits You

You may be looking to improve your energy, health and vitality whilst running a business, or get fit, flexible and strong for a sport or competition, or perhaps you just want to drop 10-20lbs weight. Whatever your goal or challenge is, get started today & Book Your 20 Minute Health & Fitness MOT to get you on track in the most effective way possible for your needs and lifestyle, saving you time and energy and ensuring you follow the quickest and easiest path to your long term results.

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