Lose Weight, Build Strength & Improve Your Energy, Flexibility & Posture In Just 15 Minutes A Day...

...Without Hitting Plateau's, Restricting, Yo-Yo-ing Or Following Unsustainable Plans That Aren't Right For Your Body

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30 Day Challenge With Meal Plans, Fitness & Accountability

Learn powerful eating & fat loss strategies that you can use anywhere while eating foods you love. Lose up to 20lbs in 30 days, or build muscle and improve your health and energy with our 30 day challenge including effective, flexible meal plans and a tailored fitness plan you can access on the go. 

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Nurture Your Nature: Tailored Fitness & Eating With DNA Personalisation

Discover everything there is to know about how your DNA impacts your diet and exercise, and what foods and exercises are right for you. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet and nutrition. Discover your unique genetic profile, with an in-depth selection of personalised insights and plans.

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90 Day Bespoke Transformation Program Online

Lose up to 35lbs, tone up, overcome pain and injury, improve sleep and health, or build up to 8lbs muscle. Learn how to eat foods you love, and make small changes that easily fit your busy schedule, so you can sleep better and have more energy for your work, while you lose fat and tone up in only 15 mins a day.

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Owner & Founder Of P2P Fitness: Joey Romeu BSc

Health & Lifestyle Transformation Coach
Joey offers holistic health, fitness & body transformations for busy people like you to support your health, vitality, and to create sustainable habits to stay in shape for life.

Joey's plans and programmes are designed to work even if you have no time for the gym, and without the need to miss out on the foods you love.

Joey wants you to create a lifestyle that you love, and that makes you feel more energised, productive, vibrant and resilient, so you can feel unstoppable.

My goal is to teach you everything you need to create a fit and healthy body for life – from eating a balanced and healthy diet, to the best and most effective workouts suiting you and your needs.

I’m not interested in harmful ‘quick fix’ diets that starve you and are restrictive to lose weight, because they aren't enjoyable, sustainable and they just don’t work as a healthy, long-term plan.

Become Our Next Success Story & Get To Your Best Ever Shape, on Your Terms.

Want to find a way to lose body fat and improve your energy, health and body shape whilst running a business or working full time?

Feel fitter, healthier, stronger and more flexible in only 30 days. while overcoming afternoon crashes, short-lived motivation and plateau's with health and fitness.

Most people don't get results because they simply aren't following a suitable plan for their body and lifestyle.

This session is aimed to help you get clear on what plan will work best for your goals, challenges and lifestyle.

Book Your 20 Minute Health & Fitness MOT to get you on track in the most effective way possible.

Save time and energy, while ensuring you follow the quickest and easiest path to your long term results.

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Lifestyle, fitness & flexible eating plans you can access anytime, anywhere. Support & accountability to keep you motivated so you can look & feel fitter, healthier, stronger and more vibrant on a daily basis.


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