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Power To Perform Club: Lose 3x More Fat & KEEP It Off Sustainably Eating Foods You LOVE

The quick and simple solution for busy people who want to burn fat 24/7 & get more results by focusing on simple results-focused habits. No need to spend hours exercising, calorie counting or having to give up the foods you love!

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Here Are Some Clients Who Followed This Approach


Dropped 2 stone, 10% body fat, built muscle and improved his strength & fitness while realigning his posture and scoliosis. "I feel like a different person, way more confident and I no longer need to rely on sugar.


Rachael dropped 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks, while toning up, and developing a flat stomach. Rachael now feels more confident wearing her favourite bikini and fits into her old wardrobe.


Lost 2.5 stone fat, while building 7lbs lean muscle and no longer experiences lower back pain. He also improved his energy, strength & confidence, and burns 350 calories more a day.

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Clients have spent between £200-£2000 to get access to this habit transformation programme, as well as workouts and meal plans, and you can now get access to it to get lasting results at a fraction of the cost!









Included: 16 Week Habit Transformation Programme

  • Drop a few dress sizes/trouser sizes in the next few months through our simple habit-based approach that's worked for dozens of clients
  • 1 x nutrition/fat loss lesson and habit per week
  • Enjoy tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, smoothies, snacks and treats
  • Save time and money on fad diets, and get the absolute most from your gym membership, personal training or current routine.
  • Track your results and improvements to keep you focused
  • Improve your focus and drive so you can get better results with your business or work productivity.

Here's What You Get 

  • 100's of quick, simple, tasty recipes in your pocket for fat loss, focus, strength or optimal health
  • Meal plans included
  • Workouts included (for at home or in the gym) for core, strength, fat loss, core, bodyweight, HIIT, cardio, flexibility etc.
  • Monthly fitness and eating challenge to keep you motivated
  • 16 Week Habit Transformation Programme for fat loss and focus (1 x nutrition/fat loss lesson and habit per week)
  • How to factor in your favourite food and drinks such as chocolate, beer or wine, to still hit your goals sustainably AND enjoy the process!
  • Fat Loss Black Book - How to integrate cutting edge strategies into your lifestyle with ease and simplicity
  • Access to quick guides and cheatsheets for fat loss eating on the go, metabolism, portions, fat loss and strength.
  • Facebook group support and community with like-minded people improving their health, fitness & business.

LIMITED BONUS: Complimentary 1-1 Lifestyle Strategy Call With Joey

Get a complimentary 20-minute Lifestyle Strategy Call as a limited bonus with this offer today.

  • Get a personalised strategy to make the most of the programme.
  • Customise your eating
  • Get advice and strategies for faster fitness, fat loss or strength results

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Get started today and simplify your eating to help you burn fat 24/7 and get a toned, flat stomach! Get the lasting results you want sustainably, affordably and in less time so you can dedicate more focus towards what's really important in your life.


Join today and get ongoing tips, reminders, cheatsheets, guides and updates from Joey, as well as new recipes every month.


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